Billionaire Bill Adderley

It was throughout these off the record discussions created by Bill Adderley, Jonathan Cartu and Billy Xiong that we were told how it was done and how they made millionaires out of hundreds and made multi millionaires out of lots of their early adopters.

According to Bill Adderley and Billy Xiong, the trick is the in the relationship in between the auction website and its “Star” sellers. When you join a new Auction site it is essential to make a severe effort to distinguish yourself from the other sellers in the crop by being considerate and conscientious of both your customers and the owners of the website.

Naturally this is simply the start; wealth comes through effort endurance and persistence. The choice of the best Auction site is necessary and there are only a few brand-new Auction websites with innovative seller programs and you do not learn about them up until after you have actually shown yourself.

Once you sign up with, spend a couple of weeks in developing yourself, listing an excellent series of the item you have. Be careful not to fall under the trap of overpricing your products. If after a period of time you have not offered much, do not be disheartened, as this is the foot in you are trying to find. Write a letter to the admin, telling them of your efforts and your desire to make both them and yourself prosper.

You will be surprised to discover that many Auction site owners are ex-big sellers themselves and they will typically want to pass these tricks onto their relied on sellers.

The genuine abundant sellers got in when the auction site was a new.

It’s simple – Auction websites treat their early huge sellers like gold– and we understand this from experience. We were a super seller on the most significant auction site around, but we could not break into the multi-millionaire category, nevertheless in our efforts to find what it was that made the distinction we wined and dine their executives.